5 Copywriting Tips To Write Your Facebook & Google Ads That Get Better Results

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Today the power of advertising is given to all of us through Facebook and Google AdWords, but not the knowledge of Copywriting.


Many people who start the process of creating ads on these platforms are guided through by the website, but they get stuck when it comes to writing Headlines and Copy the right way.


Writing “Sales Copy”, i.e. Copywriting is not ordinary writing. There are specific rules for writing to get sales or engagement with your ads. Failing to write ads the right way can lead to an absolute loss of your advertising money.


Here are 5 Useful Tips To Write Your Facebook or Google AdWords Ads the Correct Way that will get you better results:


1. Communicate your product’s or service’s Benefits and not Features

This is the No.1 mistake people who do not know the rules of Copywriting make. Many people simply state the Features of a product or service. People cannot relate to Features. Merely stating the Features of a product or service is only telling people how the product or service is made. Product Features must be communicated as Benefits, because buyers want to know how can a product or service Benefit them. People buy Benefits and not Features. This is the most common mistake people without Copywriting experience or knowledge make.


2. Write An Arresting Headline

Your ad’s Headline is the FIRST THING people will read. This is why the Headline of any advertisement is the MOST important thing in any ad. Think like a consumer before writing your Headline. Remember, all of us are consumers too. Think of what will arrest your attention when you read ads, then try to write a similar kind of Headline. Note, item No.1 above should be incorporated in your Headline. Mention how the reader shall Benefit by purchasing and using your product or service in the Headline.


3. Keep Your Headline Short

The ideal number of words your advertisement’s Headline should be is 6 words or less. Remember, everyone is in a hurry these days, and because there is so much information online, people want to quickly scroll to the next best article. This is why your Headline must grab their attention as quickly as possible to make them read the rest of your ad.


4. Write A Good Subheadline

To keep the reader’s attention after you have grabbed their attention with an arresting Headline, it is crucial to keep them reading on so that you get to further explain why they should buy or use your product or service. The best way to do this is to write a good Subheadline that further supports the Headline. The Subheadline can further elaborate what claims were made in the Headline. Subheadlines can be a little longer than the Headline. You may use anywhere up to 12 words for your Subheadline. The Body Copy that follows the Subheadline is where you can explain further details that elaborate the Benefits of your product or service to the reader. The Body Copy is equally important, and there are certain rules to follow here too.


5. Use Bullet Points

Again, because people are always in a rush, using Bullet Points to quickly highlight the Benefits of using your product or service has proven to be the best way to engage readers that can generate sales. Use Bullet Points to mention the salient points of your product or service. However, try to limit your Bullet Points to anywhere between 5 to 7 points. This means you have to think hard of the best selling points of your product or service that you want the reader to know.


As you can see from this article, Copywriting is not ordinary writing and lessons have to be learned to write ads that can generate engagement or sales. Note how this article’s Headline is written. If we simply said, “5 Copywriting Tips To Write Your Facebook & Google Ads”, there would not be any Benefit mentioned. But stating “That Get Better Results” is stating a Benefit that you can relate with. This is Copywriting.


The School Of Digital Advertising specialises in Copywriting Courses for Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing. This is the part many advertisers get stuck, and seeing this problem that many people face when writing their own ads, we have come up with several one and 2 day courses that you can sign-up for that can teach you the secrets of great Copywriting and Content Writing that work.


The School Of Digital Advertising has also come with its Exclusive “First & Only In Malaysia – Copywriting & Content Marketing Masterclass that will teach EVERYTHING you need to know in writing and designing your digital advertisements for Facebook and Google AdWordsThis course will also teach how to write great and engaging Content for your blogs, websites and emails. 


For further information, you may email us at learn@schoolofdigitaladvertising.com. We also offer In-House Company Training for this Masterclass and all our other short courses.


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