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Advanced Certificate In Digital Marketing & Advertising

Advanced Certificate In Digital Marketing & Advertising


Preparing You For Digital Marketing Jobs

This Advanced Certificate In Digital Marketing & Advertising course is a Special Course For School Leavers which is specially developed to provide the necessary Digital Marketing skills as demanded by companies and businesses in this digital age.


We have put together a Special Programme for all students and school leavers (due to bullying, boredom, etc.) to learn Digital Marketing and Digital Advertising skills that are crucial to the success of employment and careers today. Employers everywhere are seeking employees with Digital Marketing and Digital Advertising skills that a formal qualification is often not required. Seeing this trend, The School Of Digital Advertising sees an opportunity to help up skill and train school leavers and equip them with digital marketing and writing skills with an aim to secure employment.


These skills will allow students to design logos and printed marketing materials, such as leaflets, business cards, advertisements, posters, etc. Students will also learn how to design, write and post digital advertisements on Facebook and other social media platforms. The course also covers Copywriting and Blog Writing which will enable students to write advertisements, blogs, emails and other marketing materials for companies. Then it covers all the popular Digital Marketing platforms that are used for marketing today. Every company is on the lookout for a person with these skills today, and we aim to help up skill this group of hopefuls and connect them with employers. This course can make something that went wrong, right – and restore self-esteem.

Who Is This Course For

This exclusive course is developed by advertising agency professionals in consultation with The School Of Digital Advertising’s panel of practitioner-lecturers to provide school leavers with the required set of skills to Conceptualise, Design, Write, Execute and Manage professional Digital Marketing materials and strategies. This course is perfect for:

• School Leavers • Students who are bored at school • Students who may seem slow • Normal students • Adult learners

Size of Group: 6 Participants

Certification: Advanced Certificate Awarded – UK & Local Certificates

Course Duration: Five Days | 9.30 am to 5.30 pm | 8 Hours/Day

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

SPM SODA Epic Fail

Advanced Certificate In Digital Marketing & Advertising


You Will Learn

Course Content:



• Marketing Fundamentals

• The role of Marketing in businesses

• Advertising Fundamentals & Rules

• Public Relations Fundamentals

• Using PR for free publicity

• How these three are connected to create Sales as a result

• Applying this Marketing “foundation knowledge” to all Digital Marketing & Digital Advertising practices and efforts




• Creative concepts – The Creative process

Developing and designing an advertisement

Copywriting for digital advertisements

• Art Direction of advertisement design

• Creating an advertisement/post for Facebook (Practical Workshop)




• Facebook Advertising Techniques

• Publishing an advertisement on Facebook

• Understanding Facebook Analytics




• The difference between Copywriting and Content Writing

• How to write content for a blog

How to write content for a website

• Information Architecture of website copy (how do people read websites)

• Using keywords for search engine optimisation in blog writing

• How to find trending keywords to use in copy

• Writing blogs to create organic traffic to website

• Writing and posting a blog (Practical Workshop)

• Understanding Google Analytics (traffic to your blog post)




 Introduction to Digital Marketing

Search Marketing – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) & Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Digital Display Advertising – Google

Content Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Strategy & Planning

 Understanding Google Analytics

Practical project




In order to better prepare School Leavers for employment, we have included the following topics within the course to help equip students with the necessary skills needed for successful employment. Future employers will also benefit from this initial training given to students on what is expected of them at a place of employment beyond their Marketing Communication job descriptions:


• Insights on a work culture of a company

• Expectations of future employers

• Conduct & Attitude towards employment and colleagues

• Importance of being a team-player in occupation

• Grooming & Dressing

• Speaking & Communication skills

• Motivation & Self-esteem development



• Basic computer literacy, and intermediate level of written and spoken English

Learning Outcomes

What Will Participants Leave With:

Upon completion of this Five-Day Intensive Course, participants will leave knowing the fundamentals of Marketing and how to create and write an advertisement campaign for success by following all the prescribed rules and theories taught in the course. Participants would have also created an invaluable portfolio of works during the course that can be used to show future employers the kind of work that they can do for companies based on their newly-acquired digital advertising skills.


Participants are expected to be able to:


• Write good headlines and copy for ads and marketing materials


• Know how to design a professional digital advertisement and post from scratch


• Know how to advertise on Facebook


• Know how to share posts on Facebook for free publicity


• Know how to write blog copy


• Know how to search for keywords to use in blogs


• Know how to write good website copy


• Know how writing can bring in free and organic traffic to your website


• Know the creative process to create good and relevant content for a company or product


• Know how to creatively execute new content ideas for marketing


• Understand analytics to improve reach


• Familiar with the functions and use of all the popular Digital Marketing platforms


• Able to manage the day-to-day digital marketing and social media activities of a company

Beginner Level

Our courses are suitable for beginners to digital study


Digital Advertising skills are highly sought by employers


Digital Technology is the future – let’s embrace it

You Can Do IT

Anyone can learn digital skills! It is not that difficult (after you learn)


We have been there too, so we understand the process from analog to digital

Skills For Life

Digital skills are not only for business, but also for life

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Are your courses suitable for beginners?

Yes. All our courses are suitable for beginners to intermediate levels.

What age groups do you accept?

We are never too young nor too old to learn a new skill. So we accept a wide range of age groups including retirees and pensioners.

Will I need to be able to operate a computer?

Yes. If you know the basic functions of the computer and email, you are eligible.

Any discounts for seniors and juniors?

Yes. Please email us. Thank you.

Is your certificate good for professional use?

Yes, it is. There is a demand for this digital advertising skill, but very few know it, so employers are constantly looking to hire such talent now.

What's the duration of your courses?

Most of our courses are One-Day courses. Duration: 8 hours from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm.

How can I pay the fees?

You may pay by cheque, credit/debit card (online), cash or bank transfer. With thanks.

How about parking facilities?

There is ample covered and secured parking at our building. No problem.