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Dear Friend

I hope you are well during these unprecedented times…

Just when we thought things are getting better, we keep getting pushed back, and this can be quite frustrating.

Many have lost their jobs and income and yet the light at the end of the tunnel cannot be seen.

If your employer had to let you go because of this pandemic, then we are truly sorry for you.

However, at the moment, as long as are still alive, that’s a gain on its own.

Nothing lasts forever…

Humanity has been through all kinds of catastrophes before, and somehow the human being is resilient enough to come out triumphant… we only need to sustain and bear it for now.

The Government of Malaysia, through its PERKESO/PENJANA initiative now offers any Malaysian who has been made redundant from their jobs due to this pandemic FREE Courses to upskill.

Well, they are not really Free as the Government will pay us your course fees and there is absolutely nothing for you to pay – Nothing, Zilch, Nada, Not one sen.

They also have their MyFutureJobs web portal for you to sign-up and apply for available jobs posted by employers after you have completed a course.

These two work hand-in-hand.


The School Of Digital Advertising is an Approved Training Centre by the Government of Malaysia to offer learners courses that can help you secure a new job, or even start your own online business so that you can start earning again.

Our courses are current and in-demand right now that can provide you with the skills needed to start earning an income again.

You can now enroll in any of our Online or Offline Courses that will teach you the skills that employers are looking to hire.


Growing Demand for Writers


In the recent years due to the popularity of Digital Marketing and Online Selling, there has been an uptrend in employers seeking to hire Copywriters, Content Writers, and Digital Marketers.

Just perform a simple Google Search using the keywords “Copywriting jobs”, and see the number of job offers that come up.

If you have a LinkedIn account, you can also search there and you will see a growing number of companies looking for people with these skills every day.

Even if you are from a different profession, and have always had a passion for writing and expressions, this could be a golden opportunity to make a shift to a new industry. Many others have, and some have become very successful at it.

From my face-to-face classes that I teach, I have found that 95% of my participants who had no previous writing experience were able to create some very good Copywriting for advertisements, and blogs in my Content Writing (blog writing) class.

One of our participants was shocked that she could actually write when she produced an 850 words blog. She never knew she had it in her. The expression on her face was one of amazement after the class as if a huge revelation was revealed to her of her own talent. This could happen to you.

Our Online Courses are exactly the same as our face-to-face classes and you shall receive exactly the same lessons, though online.


These Writing skills are very much in demand because everyone is in lockdown and hence everyone is buying and selling online, only. Every social media post or advertisement and also blogs need text or copy.

Learning these Writing skills can give you a better chance at securing a new job, or even an opportunity for you to start your own online business, and the knowledge is evergreen.

There is always “opportunity in chaos”, as the Penguin said in the Batman Movie, and this is one of them.

Sometimes an unfortunate situation in our lives can be a blessing in disguise…


Our Courses are specially created by us based on what is in demand out there, and we are the ONLY institution in Malaysia that Specialises in “Writing For Digital Marketing”.


Online Courses Available For You Now


Here are some of our courses that are ready for you to learn online (because we can’t run offline courses yet):


1. Copywriting For Beginners

2. Content Writing For Beginners

3. Copywriting & Content Writing Masterclass



In our new Creative Digital Marketing Course, you will learn:


✓ Copywriting for Beginners

✓ Content Writing/Blogging for Beginners

✓ Content Marketing

✓ Advertisement & Social Media Post Design (Graphic Design)

✓ Digital Marketing

✓ Search Engine Marketing

✓ Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) (to rank your website better on Search Engines)

✓ Understanding WordPress (CMS) Backend for SEO

✓ Learning to Install Plugins for SEO

✓ Understanding Website Traffic & Analytics For Marketing

✓ Bonus: Worksheets and Templates Included

✓ Certificate Awarded.


There is no other course as this in the whole wide world, and it is exclusive to the School Of Digital Advertising. This course is a combination of all our courses, with extras. So if you take this course, there is no need to take any of our other courses. It is the BEST.

My friend, should you have any questions about any of our courses or if you wish to enroll in any of these courses, please email us at learn@schoolofdigitaladvertising.com, and we will furnish you with the details on how to apply for it.

As a final note, I have lived my life on some guiding principles, mostly wisdom from successful people in the world. One of these is by Henry Ford (the man who created Ford cars), and it goes like this:

“Whether you think you can, or you can’t, you are right”.


On that note, please keep yourself and your family safe.

As we do not know when will the government end this initiative (and the govt may also change), we would recommend that you grab your course before it’s too late.


Many thanks and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Best regards

Joy Nandy

Founder, Trainer & Course Developer

School Of Digital Advertising

Email: learn@schoolofdigitaladvertising.com


PS. Even if you were not made redundant and wish to learn any of our courses, please do email us to find out about the fantastic discounts that we can offer you.



Here are the 2 links you need to access your retrenchment benefits and to register to apply for our courses. It’s a little process of information that you will have to fill out for the portal:


1. Retrenchment Benefits Application


2. List of Training Providers (search for – School Of Digital Advertising)


Note: If you wish to register for our new Creative Digital Marketing Course, please register for our “Copywriting & Content Writing Masterclass” and we will upgrade you (without additional cost) on our end.


*No. Rujukan: PERKESO.600-7/12/1/DigitalAdvertisingTraining(516)


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