How To Write Professional Website Copy That Sells

How To Write Professional Website Copy That Sells

In this day and age, we rely so much on the internet and websites for information and knowledge, many of us may have had our fair share of badly written website copy, and this is why we need to learn how to write professional website copy that sells. It is also worthy to note that Search Engines will not rank a website with badly written copy and bad grammar.


Traditional & Digital Copywriting

Many websites today are written by staff and owners of businesses and not by trained Copywriters who, first of all, understand the differences between writing for digital media versus traditional or print media – there are huge differences. For an example, writing on digital platforms and social media is a two-way communication, and in tradition copywriting, it is a one-way communication. In social media channels, our target audience gets to actually say something directly in response to what we say in our blogs, posts, and ads, but in traditional media and advertising, the audience does not get to talk back to us directly, and therefore, warrants a different style of writing.


F-Shape Reading Pattern and It’s Implications

Next, there is also a certain pattern of reading when people read copy online compared to offline, this too should be mastered by anyone who wishes to write copy for a website that will get results. The pattern is an ‘F’ Shape Reading Pattern because of the way it is displayed on a digital gadget, and this changes the way people read copy online. Please view the heatmap illustration below. The areas in red are the spots where a reader’s eyes shall naturally scan. Yes, people ‘scan’ when reading websites, they do not read websites like books or newspapers.



A badly written website often puts people off, even when the products or offerings may be attractive. The reason for this is, in English language the meaning of an entire sentence can change based on a few grammatical or other mistakes.


Information Architecture

Finally, there is a way to write website copy that guides our website visitors from “hi” to eventually “buy”. This is known as “Information Architecture”. We have to, through writing, lead our potential customers from our Homepage to our Check Out page, and this is done purely through words and writing skills. We have to keep the interest of the reader from the Headline he or she reads on our websites and lead them all the way till they send an enquiry or make a purchase, if the website is an e-commerce site. It is paramount to realise the importance of how we describe our products in writing at the Product Page, as experts have stated that the better and more vividly we write our product descriptions on our Product Page shall yield better sales and results. The ease of navigation through our website is also important in not losing the reader’s attention.


Optimising Website for Search Engines

Therefore, as you can see here, how we write our websites is the most important part of having a website, not how beautiful or how much was spent on it. Next, there is also a bunch of Keywords for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) that we have to research, so that our website can be found easily on search engines. This again is a skill to learn and develop as it is an on-going affair, and should not be left to a website designer or a staff to deal with as this is the most important part of the success of a website/business or not, and therefore, I would recommend that the business owner him/herself should write the website copy. Writing copy for a website should not be taken lightly as this determines if your website will rank well on search engines.


Drive Free Organic Traffic To Your Website

We offer our Exclusive Copywriting & Content Writing Masterclass that will teach you how to write a website professionally and one that will attract and engage with your target audiences. We will also teach you how to write blogs to attract free and organic traffic to your website, and help save you a lot of money on paid advertising while you learn to write and develop a professional website for your company for success. In this Masterclass, you shall learn how to write website copy that sells well on the internet.


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