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5 September 2019

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The First & Only In Malaysia


PETALING JAYA: The School Of Digital Advertising (SODA) is the country’s first training centre that focuses on Writing for Digital Marketing.


Digital Marketing gurus, along with Facebook and Google emphasise that it is Copywriting that determines success in Digital Marketing. Writing good headlines and copy that are relevant to the advertiser’s target audience is the key ingredient in Digital Marketing success, which also lowers the cost of advertising online. It is all about the relevance of the copywriting to the audience targeted.


The founder and chief trainer of the school, Joy Nandy, was a Copywriter who later started his own advertising agency in the early nineties, and was later offered a job to teach sales and advertising at a college in London, said that he foresaw the need for writing as the underlying element required in all digital marketing initiatives when he started the school in 2017. The founder believes that it is the main lesson for anyone who wishes to advertise online needs. The many inquiries, the school receives now, are evidence that Joy‘s prediction has come true.


He said, “Even after we have mastered all the digital marketing platforms, we still need to design and write advertisements for our target audience to read, engage and respond. He realised that this is what is missing in the many Digital Marketing courses offered in Malaysia. He further enlightens that even Google has stated that “Content Writing is the ultimate Digital Marketing Strategy”.


The School Of Digital Advertising located in Petaling Jaya, has been providing training for companies and individuals since its inception in 2017 on the belief that it can make advertising agencies out of individuals with the courses it has exclusively created based on practical experience and theoretical knowledge.


From listening to the requirements of company owners and the grievances of participants who were not happy with the many courses they attended, the School Of Digital Advertising has taken it upon itself to create courses that are more suitable and applicable to achieve marketing and advertising objectives of companies and marketing managers which are based on time-tested and proven strategies.


Mr Nandy explained that he recently gave training to an international company whose owner has worked with some of the top advertising agencies in the country, but she was not happy with the copywriting they produced. This is why she sent her staff for a course on Copywriting for Facebook Marketing offered at SODA. The school is allegedly the only centre in Malaysia that specialise in writing for digital marketing and social media marketing.


“If you put a scalpel in my hand, it does not automatically make me a qualified surgeon to operate on people. This is the same with digital advertising. Just because there are digital advertising platforms available to everybody, it does not necessarily make everyone a qualified Copywriter or Advertising expert. These skills still have to be learned”, continues the school’s founder.


Based on this premise, the School Of Digital Advertising (SODA) has now come up with a Masterclass that covers all the soft skills needed for anyone to excel in online marketing with the creation of their exclusive Copywriting & Content Marketing Masterclass which is offered as a public event for all companies, Digital Marketing Agencies and individuals to attend.


This Masterclass is designed for beginners and people with little to no knowledge in Advertising, Copywriting, and Content Marketing. In this 2-Day Masterclass, participants shall learn Advertising Principles, Copywriting, Advertisement Design, Content Marketing & Content Writing. There will also be some practical assignments for participants to work on which shall be guided by the trainer to make sure that participants have a good grasp of the subjects by the end of the course. Participants shall be awarded a Certificate of Completion at the end of this 2-Day course.


The School Of Digital Advertising (SODA) has created its courses to help save companies money on third-party advertising agency costs because companies have to be active online daily to remain relevant. Having an agency carry out this task can be an expensive affair that many SMEs and start-ups may not be able to afford. The school also believes that when the staff of a company writes the content for their company, the company’s ethos and philosophies can shine through because the staff has a better understanding of the company compared to an external writer.


“The craze for Digital Marketing has to be well understood. It is not the highest priority because it is merely an understanding of the buttons and functions on a website, and what they can do for us. This can be taught and understood by anybody. These platforms are all made easy for everyone to understand and use, or they will not be in business. However, the more important part is, what shall we “say” through these digital marketing platforms, is something that has to be learned and honed over time. It is a skill to learn and develop through regular practice, and this is the very part, – the words we say in our advertising campaigns, social media posts, websites, blogs, sales emails, and newsletters are what our potential customers will read and react to. These are the skills that are all-important in marketing and advertising – Communication Skills. This is what SODA specialises in and aims to equip learners with the right skills for Digital Marketing success. The skills learned here are the very skills you will need for life, and they will never change, unlike the digital marketing platforms themselves”Joy Nandy concludes.


This Copywriting & Content Marketing Masterclass will make its debut this month and interested parties can get more information and start dates at the centre’s website – www.schoolofdigitaladvertising.com.






  1. School Of Digital Advertising is owned and operated by Digital Advertising Training
  2. Digital Advertising Training was incorporated in Malaysia in 2017
  3. The School Of Digital Advertising offers the following courses currently:
  • Creative Digital Marketing Course (2 Days)
  • Copywriting & Content Writing Masterclass (2 Days)
  • Copywriting for Beginners Course (1 Day)
  • Content Writing for Beginners Course (1 Day)
  1. Individual and group training are available
  2. In-House Company Training is available
  3. School is managed by experienced advertising professionals
  4. Trainer has vast experience in Marketing & Advertising (Traditional & Digital)
  5. Founder appeared on national TV and Print media news in 2011 for inventing Malaysia’s First T-Shirt Vending Machine.




Ms Deborah De Silva

Email: learn@schoolofdigitaladvertising.com

Website: www.schoolofdigitaladvertising.com