Product Validation – How To Get It For Cheap

Product Validation


What is Product Validation? It is term used to test the desirability of a new product, service or idea among the masses. It is to get our new product idea ‘validated’ by the public.


For an example, you have come up with a new business idea and you and your partners, friends and families think that it’s a great idea. What next? Next is to realise that all these mentioned people are people who love you and may not tell you the truth. The second point is, none of them shall be your buyers. To validate your product is the one most important thing any entrepreneur must conduct to see if there is indeed a market for this new product or idea. We need to test our new ideas with absolute strangers – the buying public.


When an entrepreneur pitches his new business idea to potential investors, the first thing the investors want to know is if there is any ‘take-up’ of your product or idea, by way of, purchase, subscriptions, orders, etc. This makes sense, as investors invest to make a return on the money, they do not want to lose their investments, so if there are people already interested and have indeed purchased your product, then that is a good product validation – when strangers, the general public, is willing to buy your product.


But how do we go about getting product validation when whatever monies the entrepreneur has shall go towards product development? This is where I would like to share some secrets that I have discovered in my journey as an entrepreneur.


A long time ago, in the 90’s, I worked for a college in London. Cavendish College which was under the David Game College Group UK. They had many creative and digital courses including Graphic Design, Photography, Website Design, etc. They had them offered in full time and part time courses in the evening. I wanted to study some of these courses especially the Computer Graphics course, but I wished not to have to pay for these courses because I wanted to learn as much as I could, and I was a full time staff at the college. So I came up with an idea and proposed it to my college director, Mr Mo. I told him that if he allows me study this part time course in Computer Graphics, I will in return help redesign the college’s brochures and design ads for the college. He agreed. I studied. It was an 8 hours course spread over two weeks from 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm twice a week. After I completed this short course, I was in fact, able to deliver my promise to my college director and made what was to be the best designed brochure the college ever had.


Years later, I continued to use these skills at other jobs and also to launch my new ideas for product validation. Because I have these design and writing skills I was able to come up with marketing and product literature easily, myself. I did not need to hire anyone else and therefore did not need to pay anyone else. Whenever I came up with a new business idea, I would jump on the computer and create a Facebook page. I would then design the cover image and write copy to describe the idea or business. I would then design and write a series of posts and share them in groups. By seeing the response of the people who either react or do not react, and studying the facebook analytics gave me a good idea of the desirability of my new product ideas.


Attending those evening classes in London and travelling on the long journeys back home on trains on cold nights have proven to be one of the best investments of my time. Today, I have created a school to teach others what I have learned and benefited from through The School Of Digital Advertising. It was created with a sincere desire to help other entrepreneurs and business owners. When you learn these skills, you never know what great stuff you will be able to create in the future. It liberates you to create anything you want, and launch anything idea you want, without incurring bills even before you start your business. You will also learn to design your new company’s logo, business cards, marketing and advertising materials, etc. You will become your own advertising agency and digital marketing agency. The cost is once, the benefit, infinite. The course that I designed to achieve this based on my personal experience is the Copywriting & Advertisement Design One-Day Course.


So to test your product with the masses or for your Product Validation, why not attend the above course and learn to write and design your own ads and posts so that you can share these posts for free and see the response you get, then continue to develop your product as you test them. I wish you every success with your business. If you have any questions that you think we can help answer, please get in touch. And remember, even if you have one person who has bought and tried your product – your product has been validated. All you need is one buyer whom you do not personally know. Of course, the more buyers you have only means that more people have validated your product and you have a good thing going for yourself.


The School Of Digital Advertising


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