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Our courses are specially developed to prepare you for the unavoidable Digital Transformation. Every business owner or staff need to digitally up skill to remain competitive and relevant in business and employment. Every industry has to go digital. Today, no one can do without Digital Knowledge. To stay ahead of the game, please choose your course and fill out this Registration Form to sign-up for any of our exclusive courses that can help boost your business or career today.


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As many of our participants are sent by their companies, we recognise that staff may not have the free will of time. Hence, you may Suggest A Date that is convenient for you to attend any of our courses. We will try to accommodate your request. Most companies send at least two staff who will specialise in two different areas eventually. We recommend this as it makes course delivery on your suggested date possible with a minimum of two participants. Please state your Suggested Date in the section provided in the Registration Form below.


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If you wish to discuss training your staff, please select ‘Corporate Training’ in the Registration Form.



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You may register for more than one course. Suggest A Date: You may suggest a date that is convenient to you for any of our courses. We will try to accommodate your request. Please state your suggested date in the Suggest A Date box below.
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In order for us to prepare classes that are more suited to your level of digital competency, please let us know your level by choosing one of the above. *Please note: You will need to be able to use a computer for all of our courses, and you will need to bring a laptop computer along.
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