The Name Joy Nandy Has Become Synonymous With Content Writing Courses In Malaysia

The name Joy Nandy has become synonymous with Content Writing Courses in Malaysia. Offering a vast array of courses across different platforms in Malaysia. With his 35 years of experience in this field, he has developed different courses for different audiences.


These include Creative Writing, Digital Marketing, and Content Marketing. Earlier, these used to be classroom courses. He has now modified them to suit an online audience, thus increasing his reach. Interested learners, therefore, have easy access to all the courses developed by Joy Nandy.


Courses are offered on his website, i.e., joynandy.com. The courses curated by him are also offered on onlinecoursesmalaysia.com. As a founding member of the School Of Digital Advertising, all courses receive a SODA certificate on completion.


In all, Joy Nandy offers 3 courses that focus on content writing across these various platforms:


  • Content writing course for beginners


Duration: 3 hours.

Cost: MYR 799

Certificate of completion: Yes


In 3 hours, 17 lectures are delivered in an online format. Slides are used by the instructor to deliver this course. The capacity of this course is approximately 242 students.


This course curriculum covers the following topics:


  • Content marketing strategy
  • Content writing
  • How to write content
  • Plan, organize, and write content.
  • How to perform keywords research
  • Understanding Google Analytics


The course also employs worksheets to further develop the participants’ content writing skills.


  • Content writing and content marketing masterclass


This course focuses on content writing and content marketing. It has 18 lectures as part of the course curriculum. The course is divided into two sections to give participants a better understanding of content writing. Up to 141 students are enrolled in this course at any given time. It is the only class of its kind available in Malaysia and is one of the most reputed content writing courses in Malaysia.


Duration: 4 hours.

Cost: MYR 899

Certificate of completion: Yes


The course curriculum for the two sections includes


Content marketing overview:


  • Digital marketing overview
  • Inbound and outbound digital marketing
  • Role of Content Marketing
  • Content Marketing Plan, Schedule, and Strategy
  • Product USP
  • Defining the Target Audience
  • The communication strategy
  • Content creation ideas, equipment, budget, and production
  • Launching your content


Content Writing section:


  • Content marketing basics
  • Content writing
  • Keywords Research
  • SEO
  • Understanding analytics


  • Copywriting and content writing masterclass


Duration: 2 days

Certificate of completion: Yes


This masterclass, curated by Joy Nandy, spans over eight hours each day. It is flexible, and they also offer a 3-day course for interested candidates. It is delivered as a classroom course, ensuring personal attention. The group is limited to 10 participants.


There are assignments given at the end of each day. These assignments are personally assessed and individual feedback is given to participants. This course is structured for newbies or someone with intermediate-level experience with content writing.


The first day is dedicated to learning out-bound marketing and covers the following topics:

  • Advertising principles
  • Copywriting
  • Advertisement design


The second day is reserved for learning about inbound marketing and includes:

  • Content marketing basics
  • Content writing




  • An experienced instructor like Joy Nandy
  • Short courses
  • Comprehensive
  • Small groups
  • Personal attention
  • Certified by SODA
  • Can be curated for corporate groups
  • HRDF Claimable


Source: www.coursenearyou.com



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