“We know our stuff, and you know your stuff”, said she

"We know our stuff, and you know your stuff" - Forever Living Products

“We know our stuff, and you know your stuff”, said she.


A great International company contacted us for In-House Company Training for our Copywriting & Content Marketing CourseForever Living Products”.


They are a company that markets personal care products based on Aloe Vera (the miracle plant), and have some really ?wonderful products.


The client (including the boss) attended the 2️⃣-Day Training in “✍️Copywriting & ?Advertisement Design” and “Content Marketing & ✍️Content Writing”, (though we tweaked the course to suit their specific needs after discussions during the class as to what their business objectives were, and included Facebook Advertising? for ?Lead generation).


The client needed to recruit agents to promote their products. This is their business model (Business-To-Business), and they relied much on the power of Facebook Advertising with Leads Generation? as their main FB Ad Objective.


The owner of the business is very savvy with Advertising, ✏️Copywriting and Ad Design as she had appointed and worked with many Advertising Agencies in Kuala Lumpur over the years. Yet, she was not satisfied? with the work many of them had created for the company over the many years.


She mentioned the names of several Ad Agencies, and some of them were international agencies, and some local ??agencies whose owners and Creative Directors came from popular and established Ad Agencies with international affiliations – she was yet not impressed with many of them.


This resulted in she sending her staff for many Digital Advertising & Design trainings ?so that her staff could learn the various advertising and design skills needed to perform the entire work of Advertising and Promotions by an in-house team, led by her as the Creative Director.


We have to admit, this lady knew her stuff well?. This is one boss no marketing or advertising agency can sell rubbish ?️to, because she has years of experience working with many Ad Agencies – and is very ? at it herself.


She was, however, very ? impressed with what was taught at ?The School Of Digital Advertising?, when she said to the Trainer “We know our stuff, and you know your stuff (and this is why we had a great training session together).


Her staff too were very ? with Facebook Advertising, advertisement design, and copywriting✏️, though they hold other positions as their daily jobs in the company, with the exception of the Marketing Manager, who was really quick at understanding concepts and lessons. In this training session, we wrote and designed the actual ads that the client would use later on (as they were disappointed with the Copywriting✏️ of their appointed Ad Agency). So while they ?learned, they also created copy and ads for immediate use – very wise.


Teaching participants how to create, write and do audience targeting for Lead Generation on Facebook


The Trainer was well impressed with the staff and had commanded them that these staff are better ?than many professional ad people working in ad agencies who issue huge bills ?for unsatisfactory?work. Many of them were especially weak in Copywriting✏️.


?The School Of Digital Advertising (SODA)? was founded by a seasoned Advertising Professional who has almost 30 years of Traditional and Digital Marketing & Advertising experience ??locally and internationally, which is why we are able to cater courses for the specific needs of each company, with the realisation that not all companies have the same marketing goal. This experience helps in identifying exactly what is needed to drive businesses and products across the board.


If you wish to have your staff trained “the right way” and make them “Advertising Professionals” so that you do not have to spend a lot of ?money?, and receive unsatisfactory? work, like the boss of this company, why not get in touch☎️ with us today and discuss your marketing and advertising requirements with the people who are seasoned in this business, and not trust your business to a start-up?without any formal experience in marketing and advertising?


SODA is able to make “Ad Agencies” out of “Individuals?” (this is its mission) with the unique courses it has exclusively created which were designed by fully understanding Digital Advertising and the needs of businesses today.


Copywriting Courses Malaysia https://www.schoolofdigitaladvertising.com

Participants received their Professional Certificates after the 2 day Training by SODA


Should you wish to discuss your marketing and advertising needs, we are able to offer a ?Free audit? of your business and perhaps create a “Tailor Made Course” just for you.

You may ☎️call/Whatsapp us on 011 3577 3237 or ?email us – ?learn@schoolofdigitaladvertising. For further info, please do visit us at www.schoolofdigitaladvertising.com?.


We look forward to hearing from you soon.


✔️Oh yes, SODA has also come up with “Malaysia’s ☝️First & Only☝️Copywriting & Content Marketing Masterclass‘” . “Words Sell”✒️, and no advertising effort can avoid the use of “Words”✒️ in any Marketing & Advertising Campaign.


We specialise in Content Marketing & Content Writing✏️ as Google themselves have said is “The Best Digital Marketing & SEO Strategy”, and all experts agree?. Check us out Today.


? PS. The client has possibly terminated? the services of their Ad Agency after our Training.


What about you. Are you pleased with the kind of work your ad agency is giving you?


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