What is the Best Course for Digital Marketing in Malaysia?

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If you are looking to learn Digital Marketing and are wondering what is the best course for Digital Marketing, this article is for you.


Digital Marketing is new and is also rapidly changing due to the fast-paced digital technology industry. Now there is a new term for marketing and selling online, it is known as, “MarTech”. Yes, that is Marketing Technology. MarTech can be daunting to many beginners to anything digital, and the term “Digital Marketing” has indeed scared off many a brave soul as Digital Marketing employs MarTech.


Hence, a good Digital Marketing Course could be the ideal solution to understand how you can use the power of the internet to market and sell your products and services online successfully. But how do you choose the right course when you don’t know anything about it and are bombarded with a barrage of Digital Marketing courses out there?


Here are 9 things to look into when choosing a Digital Marketing course in Malaysia:


What is the best course for Digital Marketing?

There are literally millions of Digital Marketing courses out there and just about every one of them claim that it is the best course for you. However, based on our experience from teaching students and participants in Malaysia on various Digital Marketing subjects, we feel that a good Digital Marketing course should incorporate the following subjects so that a fresh learner may get a 360 degree understanding of the subject, and is able to apply them in her or his business immediately after the course.


Best Digital Marketing Course Content

A good and comprehensive Digital Marketing course should not only include technical subjects but also creative ones which is the most important part to develop Digital Marketing content that your target audience shall see and read. A good Digital Marketing course content should ideally incorporate the following subjects:


1. Marketing & Advertising Fundamentals

The first thing anyone wishing to market anything, online and offline, is to learn the basics of Marketing and Advertising. There are rules to everything. Not knowing these rules and diving head-on into marketing activities can lead to very expensive mistakes. So a quick lesson on Marketing fundamentals is important and required for the long haul.


2. Copywriting & Digital Copywriting

Copywriting is key to success in Digital Marketing and many lack this skill on how to write professionally. A good lesson in Copywriting will help teach you all the Rules of Copywriting for sales and advertisements. You shall learn to write ads and posts that generate engagement or sales the professional way.


3. Graphic Design

How can you design social media posts and ads if you do not have a budget for a Graphic Designer? So it is best to learn this skill yourself so that you can write, design, and post as much content as you like on the internet. The more you post content, the better it is for branding and sales. Don’t worry, nowadays there are many easy-to-use and free Graphic Design tools out there.


4. Social Media Marketing

The whole world is on some social media platform, so we need to market in this space. Not being active on social media platforms is not taking advantage of free media. Social Media Advertising and marketing have proven to work for many, and this is why a lesson on Social Media Marketing & Advertising should be part of this syllabus.


5. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) & Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

These 2 are connected. Today people look for the things they wish to buy via Search Engines. Therefore, it is crucial to be found on Search Engines. This lesson will teach you how to optimise your website so that Search Engines so that your website shows up on the initial pages of search engines when people search for the products and services you offer. This is done through Content Writing and knowledge of some useful SEO plugins.


6. Content Marketing & Content Writing

These lessons will help you optimise your website for Search Engines by researching and incorporating Keywords and Keyphrases into the backend of your website, the part that Google crawls to note down these Keywords and Keypharses. These lessons will also teach you how to write high-quality blog posts that are optimised for Search Engines and helps rank your website well on Search Engines. Try Googling – Content Writing Courses Malaysia  to see what I mean.


7. Understand the backend of a website (WordPress)

It is very important to learn the basics of the backend of a WordPress website so that you can enter the Keywords and Keyphrases in your website that people use to find businesses or products such as yours. Website designers do not have the time to do this for you, so you will have to do this yourself. Do not let all these technical terms put you off from learning this, as it is quite easy to understand and apply with the guidance of an experienced teacher.


8. Website optimisation for Search Engines

Once you have understood item No. 7 above, you now will have to physically do the work to insert all these Keywords and Keyphrases in the SEO Title and Meta Description of your website. This is technical but creative at the same time as it involves writing, and this is the most important thing to do for your website.


9. Google Analytics

All your online activities must be monitored for marketing purposes so that you know which piece of content is engaging with your target audience, or not. So it is crucial to learn the basics of how Google Analytics works. You will be able to further optimise your content and website with the help of Google Analytics and Google Search Console. These must be incorporated into every Digital Marketing course.




The above Digital Marketing Course Content is not the ordinary that is widely available. The many that we have viewed are quite technical as they cover the digital marketing and digital advertising platforms in great detail but spend very little time on teaching learners Content development.

When we develop any kind of marketing materials, it is these pieces of content that our target audience shall see and engage with. This is the most important part of Digital Marketing because it is pointless to learn how Facebook’s and Google’s advertising platforms work when you do not know how to create an ad or content for them. Hence, not learning how to develop content by yourself in a course, can be a waste of your time and money. So, it would be wise to choose a Digital Marketing course that focuses on Content development, that is, writing and designing content for posts, ads or blogs, over the ones who do not. Your ideal course is a Creative Digital Marketing Course.

If you have any questions in the meantime, you may send me an email.


Chat soon.

By Joy Nandy (Founder of the School Of Digital Advertising – Malaysia’s ONLY Training Centre that specialises in Writing for Digital Marketing)


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