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Many of us believe that the task of advertising can be done by just about anybody simply because there are convenient advertising platforms available on our smartphones and computers.


What took advertising professionals years of hard work of learning and honing their skills can be done by just about anybody from their bedrooms today, it seems.


But do we know the anatomy of an Advertising Agency?


Do we know what consists of a Creative Team that creates the ads we see, read, and hear? Do we know the role of each one of these participants in the Creative Process, and do we know the Creative Process? There are today Advertising agencies that have been practising advertising for more than one hundred years – how is it that in the digital age, everyone feels qualified and knowledgeable on how to create and place an ad even with no experience?


There are people who have spent millions of dollars and time learning Marketing and Advertising at schools and universities, so how is it that today a person from a different profession, such as, an engineer, dentist, student, restaurant owner, or blogger proclaim that they too are advertising experts to run their own ads? Advertising or Communication is a special skill, with rules and laws to follow, in order to get the best results. Not every Tom, Dick & Harry knows advertising, even if he believes so. If you gave me a spanner, it would not make me an expert at fixing cars. If you put a scalpel in my hand, it will yet not make me a qualified surgeon to operate on people. This is the same with Advertising – giving people an “Advertising Platform” does not automatically make people advertising experts overnight. But this art and skill can be learned. Fortunately. And it won’t take you three years… not even one. In fact, in just a day you can learn some important Digital Advertising & Marketing skills and knowledge to get started.


How many people does it take to make an advertisement?


Do we know how many people are involved in creating an advertisement? Do we know how many presentations and meetings are to be had before any ad sees the light of day? Do we know how many hearts shall be broken in the process? No. Not many of us know this unless we have worked at an ad agency.


Nonetheless, if individuals and companies who do not have any background in Advertising or Communication Design feel qualified to write and design their own ads, then it is only fitting that they create their own In-house Creative Studio too, because it is part of the whole process. For sure, every company shall at least need a writer, one who is ideally also creative.


If you are not familiar as to what a typical Advertising Agency is made of, this is it:


  1. The Management
  2. Finance Department
  3. Media Department
  4. The Client Servicing Team
  5. The Creative Team
  6. The Creative Studio
  7. The Audio/Visual Studio


So, if any company is going to choose their media and place ads done by themselves, then it shall only be in the interest of that company to set up its In-house Creative Studio too. Does this look like every company shall need to incorporate an entire different industry, which is, Advertising, into its own industry (its existing business)?


What kind of personnel works in a Creative Studio?


This is the typical staff force or personnel required to operate any Creative Studio in an Ad Agency:


  1. Creative Director/Content Curator
  2. Art Director
  3. Copywriter/Content Writer
  4. Graphic Designer
  5. Videographer/Photographer
  6. Editor


As we can see here, it takes at least five to six people to come up with an advertisement, or create any design or creative work. However, we cannot expect to find all these talents readily available in a company, and so certain alterations can be made – same as the smaller ad agencies. For an example, Creative Directors come with a price, and they are so because of their experience. Therefore, a Content Writer can double up as a Content Creator too. Whereby, he or she, along with his or her team can brainstorm to come up with Content ideas, based on what the Content Writer has written. And then the rest of the team can carry out the production of that Content idea.


Therefore, if companies are going to create and place their own promotional materials online and offline, then surely creating an In-house Creative Studio in the office made up of trained staff could be a way to increase productivity and revenue. Creating a Creative Studio can also create a fun atmosphere at the workplace.


The School Of Digital Advertising understands Marketing & Advertising in their essence because it is created by Advertising professionals, and is able to tailor-make courses to suit the marketing goals of companies. Should you wish to train your staff in Content Marketing & Content Writing, along with insights on what you need to setup an In-house Creative Studio, please do get in touch with us Today!


You could also read about the 9 Good Reasons To Train Your Staff in Content Writing & Content Marketing, for some further enlightenment.


We would be happy to tailor-make a course just for your company and staff. Please email us Today.


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