How To Claim Your Training Expenses

SBL stands for Skim Bantuan Latihan. This is a scheme by the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) for companies to claim training expenses carried out by trainers who are not yet registered with the HRDF. It is open to all registered companies. The procedure is simple, quick, and can be done completely online. SODA is a registered training provider with the HRDF, hence, registered companies can claim the training fees.


To assist employer to retrain and upgrade their employees in line with their operational and business requirements.


Step 1
APPLY via e-TRiS
Documents Required :
Training Schedule / Course Contentix B1 endorsed by DSD
Trainer Profile

Step 2

Step 3
Documents Required :
Receipt & invoice (training fees)
Itinerary (airfare) - if any
Receipt & Invoice (transportation) - if any


• Type of Training
In-House (on premise, hotel OR external training place) Min: 2 paxs and Max : 35 – 40 paxs
Public (Local / Overseas) Min : 1 pax and Max : 9 pax
Certification program or mandatory Industrial Base : Unlimited number of trainees and fees.
*Others expenses please refer the Allowable cost matrix
Job Coach Min : 5 paxs and Max: none
E-Learning (Online Distance Learning) Min and Max: none
Mobile Learning Min and Max: none
Coaching and Mentoring Min and Max: none (one to one session, or one to two session)
Development Programme Min and Max: none
• Minimum Training Duration
Meal allowance
Daily Allowance
Consumable Training Materials
Hotel Rental Package OR Training Rental Place
Airfare Ticket OR Transportation
Minimum Training Duration
4 Hours (1/2 day)