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How to become a Copywriter in Malaysia – 7 Lessons

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7 Copywriting Lessons From A Seasoned Copywriter


There are a couple of blogs in Malaysia providing information on this topic, but none of them explains this topic well enough for someone who has absolutely no idea on this topic but has a desire to become a Copywriter, and a good one at that, – one who can be hired by an Advertising Agency or Corporate organisation.


So, as a seasoned Copywriter, and someone who has applied Copywriting skills and knowledge not only as a Copywriter at several Advertising Agencies as a professional Copywriter (one that clients pay a lot of money for), but also in the corporate world, I felt that I should write this article for anyone wishing to become a Copywriter, may it be for a job or to apply in his or her own business.


As a trainer in Copywriting Courses and Content Writing Courses, and also a published author, I have been told by my readers that I have the ability to “simplify” information that anyone can understand and apply immediately. I aim to provide the information on this particular topic in a simple manner so that you can understand it easily.


Here are my thoughts on How You Can Become a Copywriter, based on my 30 years of Advertising and Copywriting experience.

How to Become a Copywriter in Malaysia – 7 Lessons


[1. What is Copywriting?]

The first step to becoming a Copywriter is to first understand what is Copywriting? Copywriting is a special kind of writing, unlike the usual writing we do on social media, etc. Copywriting is used to “sell products and services” or to bring about “awareness” of something, and they are usually done through advertisements.


[2. The Objective of Copywriting]

Copywriting is used for Advertisements., is also known as “Sales Copy”. Typically, there are only 2 Objectives for the production of any Advertisement, and they are:


      i. To “Sell” or “Promote” a product or service.

      ii. To “Create Awareness” of something, like an event or cause, etc. (This is not to sell something but only to bring about awareness).


[3. Copywriting is Short Copy]

As people do not have much time to read, we must try to arrest the reader’s attention as quickly as possible. Hence, Copywriting employs a short writing technique. The most important role of a Copywriter is to come up with a great Headline that shall arrest the attention of the reader as quickly as possible. If the Headline does not grab the attention of the reader quickly, the Copywriter has failed at this task because EVERYTHING depends on a Headline.


[4. How Many Words Should a Headline Have?]

The maximum number of words a Headline should consists is 6 to 8 words – shorter the better. However, you shall be an Ace Copywriter if you can come up with a Headline of 2 words. We are trained to write 2-Worded Headlines for Billboards. It is possible, but not very easy.


[5. Copywriting is Out-Bound Marketing]

Copywriting is “Outbound Marketing”. This means that even when people are not looking to buy our products or services, we will still show them our ads through the media we have chosen to advertise our products or services, unlike Search Marketing.


[6. Build Your Vocabulary – Read a lot]

If you are the sort who likes to read a lot and have a passion for the “written word” and expressions, you have the making of a good Copywriter. In Copywriting we need to find ways to sell or create awareness for all kinds of things and events. Therefore, having a vast vocabulary of words is your best tool in this profession. This will make the job of writing easier because you will not get stuck searching for the word you wish to use.


[7. Practice Writing Regularly]

Practice makes perfect. To begin your journey, practice writing on any and every topic or subject – even and especially the boring ones. If you can make mediocre and boring topics interesting, you have a good start in this long journey. The more you write, the better you will automatically become.

The above are 7 Tips for you to digest and practice for now. I do not want to overwhelm you with too much information in this article. However, there is so much more to learn on How to Become a Copywriter, such as, the AIDA Copywriting Formula and the Role of a Copywriter which I will tell you more about in my future articles. Please do Subscribe to our blog so that you can read about it as soon as it is posted.


If you have any questions in the meantime, you may send me an email.


Chat soon.

By Joy Nandy (Founder of the School Of Digital Advertising – Malaysia’s ONLY Training Centre that specialises in Writing for Digital Marketing)


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